What YOU Can Do

The Harrisonburg and Rockingham County teen pregnancy rate is a problem, and we need your help. Taking action is necessary in lowering the teen pregnancy rate in Harrisonburg and Rockingham County, and we believe everyone can help fight against teen pregnancy. If you are unsure what YOU can do, listed below are ways you can get involved.

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Talk to your families.

Sex and relationships are complicated and involve some difficult choices. While it can be uncomfortable, it's important to talk to your parents, guardians, and family members about their values and get their input as you make decisions regarding your relationships. Check out some of the resources below on how to talk to your parents about sex and relationships.

Get Information

Educating yourself on all the facts will allow you to make healthy decisions for yourself and engage in healthy relationships. You can get a lot of accurate and useful information by talking to a health care provider, teacher, school nurse, or other caring adults in your life. The websites at the bottom of the page also great resources.

Parents & Guardians

As a parent, you are the most influential person in your child's life; giving you the opportunity to help protect your child against teen pregnancy. While many children receive sexual health education through school, talking with your children at home is extremely important. In fact, many professionals believe parents should be the main sex educators. Not only has it been found that parents and children who have open communication about sex have better relationships, but they also make healthier decisions about sex. Often parents and youth avoid talking about sex because they feel uncomfortable, or don't know how to start the conversation, but there are many ways to limit these fears.

Discuss the pleasurable aspect of sexuality.

It is very important that while you discuss the health and responsibility components of sex, you don't leave out the idea that sex is pleasurable.

Community Members

Raise Awareness

Educate yourself on the facts of teen pregnancy and unhealthy teen relationships, as well as what can be done to reduce the risks and improve outcomes for our youth. Attend events and support local efforts to prevent teen pregnancy.

Connect with Teens

It is important for young people to be connected with responsible, non-parent adults. You can make a difference in the lives of the teens you know by providing support and being a positive role model.

Additional Resources

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